MACHIAVEL ► Phoenix (2024)

Data: 10/05/2024
Formato: CD
Note: Pop | Rock | Progressive



1 Enlighted
2 Of Lust and Crime
3 Magical Mess
4 Mister Madman
5 Drop the Mask
6 When the Eagles Cry
7 Soulrise
8 Six Feet Under
9 Downtown
10 The Following Day
11 Afterlife

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Dopo il disco solista di Marc Ysaye arriva in Italia anche il nuovo album della celebre rock / pop / prog band belga MACHIAVEL. Disponibile in versione CD in anteprima per il nostro store (uscita ufficiale prevista il 10 maggio 2024 – ricevilo in anteprima se ordini ora).

Un disco meraviglioso come già si evince dai bellissimi singoli estratti.

Poche copie disponibili (courtesy of Arto Music)

MACHIAVEL is one of the most famous Belgian rock bands. It has released 22 albums and collected 4 golden records. The band performed a lot of concerts, including two sold-out at “Forest National”, five at the “Cirque Royal” and five successful shows at the “Ancienne Belgique” in Brussels. The power of an original music, a mix between rock and melodious songs together with a well-balanced contrast between soft and hard sounds contribute to the band’s success.


Machiavel are:

Kevin Cools: Vocals
Marc Ysaye: Drums & vocals
Roland De Greef: Bass & vocals
Hervé Borbé: Keyboards
Christophe Pons: Guitar

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